Furniture modeled on brass musical instruments

We believe that there is a persuasive power in the beauty of musical instruments, as their form follows function. For the design of "i+" we were inspired by how the continuous tubing of a brass instrument created a beautiful harmony in space, as if drawn in a single brush stroke. We aim for a sophisticated lineup that can be used in office spaces, public spaces, and in private residences.

Naoki Terada [Architect / Designer]

i+ is a brand of office furniture providing beautiful practicality and the high levels of quality required for ensuring that customers are able to make the best possible use of the space they have available in order to create environments that have a full sense of being.

ITOKI Corporation, which has continued providing new levels of value in the field of office furniture based on its creative and advanced product development skills over the course of the past 126 years, and inter office ltd. which has contributed to creating pleasant office environments in Japan through the introduction of superior European office furniture ever since its establishment in 1983, have established a relationship of collaboration in order to supply unprecedented spatial experiences.

Naoki Terada (architect and president of inter office ltd.) is in charge of direction and design, and ITOKI and inter office collaborate on R&D. This creative alliance will not stop at the simple exchange of knowledge and opinions, but will also result in the creation of new and valueadded office furniture that reflects the i+ philosophy.

The "i" in i+ is not only the initial letter of ITOKI and inter office, it is also interchangeable with "individual," "identity," "independent," "I" and many other such words. Adding a "+" sign to the "i" in order to emphasize new levels of value expresses the fact that we are able to provide products that are suitable for not only offices, homes, schools, public facilities and a wide range of other everyday places in Japan, but also to overseas lifestyles and work styles.

Naoki Terada


Naoki TeradaArchitect / Designer

Terada completed the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA School) diploma course in the UK in 1994. Returning to Japan, he not only worked on architecture and product design, but also produced and directed brands. In 2003, he established the Terada Design First-Class Authorized Architect Office. He has been a director at inter office since 2014. In 2011 he founded the product brand "Teradamokei", and also worked on "15.0%". In 2015 he produces a furniture brand "i+". Currently he is a President, COO at inter office ltd.



Founded in 1890. We provide a variety of services for creating office environments, starting with proposals for high-quality office environments that enhance workers' intellectual creativity, to maintenance and facility management support.

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Founded in 1983. Our philosophy is to perceptively respond to changes in work style and propose office environments with optimal solutions and attractive design. In this way we support the creation of functional and comfortable spaces optimized for current needs.

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